Cover Letters Are A Must

Although writing a cover letter is not always a requirement for job applications, it is never a bad idea to have one at the ready when you hand in a resume to a potential place of employment. Whether you simply write a little blurb about yourself and your goals at the top of your generic resume or whether you write a specific cover letter for the place of employment you’re seeking to work at, the perfect job application will always include a cover letter.

You may be rolling your eyes at the idea, thinking that it isn’t worth the time and effort, since not every hiring manager reads through any or all of the cover letters that they receive. While this is true, it has certainly never hurt anyone to give out a cover letter. In the best case scenario, the hiring manager will read your amazing cover letter, be impressed, and offer you an interview. In the worst case scenario, they won’t read it, but at least they will notice that you put in the effort. Either way, writing a cover letter puts you a step above all of the applicants who are too lazy to bother including cover letters, so you are always better off with one in your resume package when you apply for a job.

the perfect job

Make sure that you edit your cover letter thoroughly, and allow someone you trust to read it over before you print it and give it to your potential employer. A second set of eyes is great for catching mistakes, and one typo could be the difference between getting the perfect job and totally losing your chance. Once your cover letter is ready, print it off with your resume and get out there! Most of all, have confidence – you will do fine.