What are Hydrosols?

A hydrosol is often referred to as floral waters or hydrolats distillate waters. Basically, this means that a hydrosol is the aromatic water remaining after steam- or hydro-distilling botanicals such as lavender or others commonly used in essential oils. When you shop for hydrosol online, you must be careful that you are getting what the vendor is claiming.

Expert distillers of hydrosol specifically distill certain plants for the hydrosol that is produced by them. Therefore, the result is hydrosols that have a much more superior aroma, as well as therapeutic benefits. However, the truth is that in most cases, a hydrosol is produced as a result of distillation of botanicals for essential oils.

The botanicals that are used in the process of distillation of essential oils are what impart the hydrosol with the water-soluble therapeutic and aromatic properties of the plants.

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On the other hand, a hydrosol is different than an essential oil in that it does not have to be diluted prior to being applied to the skin. A hydrosol is much gentler than its essential oil counterpart and can be used directly on the skin without worrying about a reaction to it.

A hydrosol can be used instead of water when creating natural creams, toners, lotions, fragrances, and skin care products. In addition, you can add them to your bath and use them alone as a light body spray/perfume. You can place a hydrosol in a finger bowl to create the atmosphere for a romantic, elegant dinner. Some of the most common florals that you can find hydrosols for are lavender, rose, Neroli, and Roman chamomile.

Some, but not all, essential oil distributors also distribute hydrosols as well as other natural skin care products/ingredients. You can find this information by doing a simple internet search on where to shop for hydrosol online.